Somerton, AZ

Sonoran Desert

Below are 3 top things to do in Somerton, Arizona and its surrounding areas.

Wild River Entertainment Center

The Wild River Entertainment center, as part of the Cocopah Tribal Casino, is the place to be in Yuma and Somerton for family-friendly entertainment, food, and fun.

Sporting twenty-four lanes of glow-in-the-dark, cosmic bowling, massive video arcade, pool tables, laser tag, and darts, there is something for everyone, irrespective of your level of maturity or age.

All these activities definitely will make you hungry; therefore, there are places to dine on site. If it’s not possible to drag yourself away, there even is an excellent hotel that is close by if you would enjoy spending the night.

The Wild River Entertainment Center is conveniently situated on S. Ave. B in Somerton.

Perricone Park

With 2 parks very close to one another, locating an easy space to unwind after a lengthy day of hitting all of the region’s tourist sites will not be an issue.

The Park is nestled west of Ave. F close to its intersection with Rt. 95, and Main Street Park, or Somerton Park, is a couple of blocks to the southeast, on the south part of Main Street, just west of Congress Ave.

Both of these parks are operated by the city’s parks dept. and are fantastic little oases inside the center of the Sonoran Desert. Both of them offer live events and fairs all throughout the year too; therefore, check on the internet before going.

Casa De Coronado Museum

In Yuma, the Coronado Motel is among the town’s most historic and iconic places.

Opened within the 30s, it was the 1st hotel in Arizona that was constructed in the style of modern hotels and motels, with the rooms close to each other in a massive building, opposed to individual cabins — the norm of design up ‘til that time.

The hotel, as well as its Czech founders have intriguing stories. You will hear about them at the museum that was one of the initial franchises of the modern-day Best Western brand, which now is nationally recognized.

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