Wellton, AZ

Wellton is a little city of 2,800 people situated in Yuma County of Arizona. Because of its nice weather, serenity and gorgeous scenery, its population doubles during the wintertime. It’s a popular destination for folks to retire to or simply drop in to relax and escape the tough winter seasons of other regions. The quaint town has a variety of annual celebrations and events, and several fascinating things to do and see:

Coyote Wash Course

At least one golf course is pretty much a given, being a popular place for wealthy people and retirees during the wintertime. The most sought-after course is the Coyote Wash Golf Course, which boasts some breathtaking grounds as well as a variety of amenities and services.

Over the years, they worked diligently to provide the best experience, and now are one of the top courses in the region. A gift shop and a restaurant are featured.

Yuma’s Territorial Prison State Park

Situated in Yuma – a 30 minute drive away from Wellton – it’s an old jail which was completed in 1876. The first 7 inmates were the ones that constructed it, and presently the place is a museum.

Here it’s possible to see pictures of the inmates and see for yourself the rough conditions they endured. Their staff are knowledgeable and helpful, and the prison is highly maintained. If you’re a history enthusiast, you’ll enjoy this place. There also is a gift shop that has a variety of souvenirs.

Castle Dome Mines & Museum

Since you’re already in Yuma, be certain to stop by this ghost town and museum. There, you’ll see the ruins of old structures from the 1800s, which includes an elevator, a mill, a church, boardwalks, five saloons, rusty cars, and a number of mining items.

The ones passionate about antique and history items will enjoy this place. Their staff are friendly and gladly will answer all of your questions.

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