What Can be Salvaged After a Basement Flood?

basement flood damage

Some folks just use their basement for storage purposes, whereas other people have finished basements that are filled with furniture and additional personal items. No matter what use your basement has, a flood in the basement has the possibility of ruining your possessions. However, suffering flood damage doesn’t mean everything was destroyed. Depending upon the quantity of water, specific items may be saved.

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Read further to learn more information on which items may be salvaged after a flood in the basement and how to save them.


If your appliance has experienced any damage within a flood, it shouldn’t be used until an eligible professional approves it because it might not be safe. That’s because most appliances contain motors and additional components which are sensitive to water. The water may degrade those parts of your appliance.

Appliances may be saved; however, it depends upon the quantity of flooding which occurred. If floodwater is just a couple of inches deep, there’s a great chance the impacted appliances may be fixed. But if the floodwater is deeper, the price of repairs may be high. In this case, it’s best to just replace your appliance.


Everybody knows that electronics and water aren’t a good combination. If circuits get exposed to water, they may be damaged and ultimately become corroded. However, that doesn’t necessarily mean electronics damaged by water aren’t salvageable. With expert water damage services, there’s a chance that your electronics may be salvaged. The valuables are taken to a humidity- and temperature-controlled environment to be treated, and those controls will assist in minimizing the quantity of damage.


Depending upon the kind of furniture which sustained flood damage, there’s a chance that it may be saved.

Specialized drying techniques may be needed for basic wood furniture in order to prevent effects such as warping; however, they still can be saved through sanitization and refinishing work. But wooden veneer furniture usually isn’t salvageable because the water will remove lamination.

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