Yuma, AZ

Yuma, set on the Colorado river banks, was once one of the only predictable, or safe crossings at the time.

Initially founded as Colorado City, Yuma later assumed more significance as thousands of people in America looking for opportunities travelled south through Yuma to California in order to cash in on the gold rush of 1849.

Back in that time, a rope ferry carried passing visitors across the river.

Surrounded by nature and packed with history, let us go over the 3 top things to do in Yuma, AZ.

Historic Downtown

Where, at one time, came flooding, the night currently comes to life in the historic downtown of Yuma.

The destructive floods of past days mean that the majority of buildings there now just date back to the ‘20’s, yet with the revitalisation of this region, its history lives on.

Find out what the North End offers with historic tours, or just enjoy the entertainment, dining, and shopping that may be found.

There are regular events or fairs in the area.

Yuma’s Territorial Prison State Park

Yuma Territorial Prison, no longer in operation, is currently a state historical park with a great reputation.

The park was strategically constructed (by its own prisoners) on the Colorado river banks as an extra safety precaution against common jailbreaks of that time.

During 33 years of operation, it contained 3,069 prisoners, over 100 of which passed away serving their time.

The prison’s cemetery served as a reminder of life inside the Old South West.

Do not forget to capture your very own mugshot before you leave using the initial mirror which created a simultaneous side and front profile in a single photograph.

Gateway Park

With history overhead and your toes inside the sand, the park provides a family-friendly riverside area to pass a hot day.

It’s the best area to check out the Ocean To Ocean Bridge that originally was made to carry Ocean to Ocean’s Highway.

Its bridge was renovated then reopened to cars in 2002 after fourteen years of bicycle and pedestrian only traffic.

Gateway Park is the ideal scene for a picnic with its playgrounds and tiny beach near Colorado River’s refreshing waters.

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