4 Practices to Storm-Proof Your House

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If you reside in an area which experiences consistent storms, you know how destructive they might be for both businesses and homes. Thankfully, there are measures to take to safeguard your home from even the harshest of weather conditions.

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Seal Doors and Windows

Before the stormy season, make certain that you check the seals all around doors and windows, even those in your garage, basement, and attic. An old or broken seal lessens the strength of the window and also can cause insects and rain to enter your house. If the seals look worn, have them replaced. And also fill all holes or cracks you notice in your seals.

Strap the Roof

If you reside in an area that has tornadoes, high winds, and/or hurricanes, you may want to give consideration to roof strapping. It’s a process which attaches a home’s roof to its walls using metal straps. It’ll keep the roof connected to your property on all sides, instead of having it just sit atop your home. If there’s an attic, you cheaply and easily can add metal roof straps.

Secure and Check Posts

If your house has posts that are connected to a deck, porch, or carport, you’ll need to give them some extra attention while storm-proofing your house. Those additional parts of your house may rip a hole in the residence if a strong enough thunderstorm makes the decision to sweep through. In order to prevent this, check all of the posts to make sure they’re attached firmly to the ground. If they’re loose, hire a professional contractor to secure them. You also may want to pour concrete fitters around all posts which go into the ground.

Get Flood Insurance

When assessing your home insurance policies, it is recommended to add flood insurance if you do not already have it. Most policies just cover damage from a storm, like a hurricane, yet not the flooding which happens afterward.

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