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Flood Damage

Flooding may be extremely devastating, particularly when you aren’t prepared for it. A thunderstorm for a non-prepared neighborhood may lead to chaos in need for restoration of properties and for emergency items.

Aqua Safe All Dry is a Yuma flood damage clean-up provider. We’ve helped homeowners and business owners during hurricanes and other major storms. flood damage yuma


Damage Flooding May Cause

Floods may be explained as temporary overflows of water covering land that’s normally dry. Flooding is caused by two main ways, human or natural causes. Flooding may be extremely devastating to an area and the water damage that is done to a region may be extremely expensive. The following include some reasons that may make an area experience flooding during any given moment.

  • Tsunamis
  • Dams breaking
  • River overflows
  • Urbanization
  • Storms/Hurricanes
  • Congested drainages
  • Heavy rainfall

Those are a few of the reasons which may cause an area to experience temporary/heavy flooding. Once flooding happens, it’ll have a devastating impact on an area.


Some Effects of Flooding


Flooding destroys roads, bridges, farms, and houses, which leaves millions of folks homeless. Moreover, when these types of disasters happen, first aid is immediately necessary, and all this comes with a substantial price for individuals and the government. Insurance companies and the government are responsible for the price of water clean-up. Some insurance providers don’t cover damage that is done by flooding as they categorize it as a natural disaster, unless you have FEMA flood insurance.



With floods, you’ll also get destroyed houses, erosion, fully submerged buildings, and damaged landscape.



When an area suffers flooding, animals and people must move to higher ground in order to escape water’s wrath. Water is a force of nature that is very powerful and typically has its way no matter the circumstances and displacement of animals and people is imminent when it happens.


Disruption of all communications and transport 

Once water covers land that’s typically dry, the regions become impassable by vehicles or foot, making it challenging to obtain gas, food, and additional necessary resources.

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Why do a select few water damage restoration companies last for more than a quarter century, while most fail within 5 years or less!  The short answer is: RESULTS! Because let’s face it, what really matters are the results you deliver for your customers.

* Does the company respond quickly and professionally?

* Are the water damage technicians true professionals?

* Does the company do an honest and thorough assessment and makes sure nothing goes missing and complicates the process?

We answer YES to all of the above, which is why we’ve been in continuous operation and have hundreds of happy customers, many who have referred us to their friends and family when found in a disaster situation.

The key to our outstanding results is that we are very careful about who we hire, how we train them, and the standards we hold them to.

And we also pay and treat them better, so we can retain the very best water damage technicians in town.

In other words, high quality technicians = fast results and happy customers.

That’s how we earn so many referrals and repeat business. And that’s how we’ve stayed in business and thrived!

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