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The Cause of Mold in Homes

By Butler | Jul 16, 2022
black mold on wall

Mold is a vital part of nature, and helps with the recycling of nutrients in ecosystems and the decomposition of organic matter. Outdoor mold is important, but mold that grows indoors may cause property damage and present health hazards. Molds reproduce through small airborne spores, traveling pretty much anywhere, even inside our homes. The conditions…

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How to Protect Your Home or Business Against Flooding?

By Butler | Jun 17, 2022
flooded home

The flooding of a business or home is a tragedy no one wants to suffer. Even in the United States where flood mitigation and prediction are very advanced, flood damage happens all too frequently, which amounts to more than $6B worth of damage and contributes to the fatalities of approximately 140 people each year. That…

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Water Damage Caused by A Leak in the Air Conditioner

By Butler | May 18, 2022
air conditioner maintenance

As the temperature outdoors increases, you turn down your indoor thermostat. The air conditioner circulates cold air throughout your home, which keeps everyone inside comfortable… until you discover wet walls or hear a drip-drip-drip. Leaking attic units may rapidly soak everything from baseboards to ceilings. You must address repairs to the AC unit, yet you…

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Can Indoor Plants Prevent Mold From Growing?

By Butler | Apr 17, 2022
indoor plants

Did you know that a great way to decrease the odds of mold growing in your home is to add indoor houseplants? Indoor plants will keep the growth of mold at bay because houseplants naturally absorb excessive air moisture and humidity. It’ll also improve the quality of air in your home. Here are some other…

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What Could Be Causing the Water Leak in Your Walls?

By Butler | Mar 11, 2022
water leaks effects on walls

After looking for indications of water damage in your walls, you still must identify the cause and find the source of the leak. To do that, it is possible to begin by inspecting the interior plumbing system and external materials like downspouts, sprinklers, flashing, and caulking. Issues With Internal Plumbing  If you notice a small…

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Top Winter Maintenance Tips to Prevent Pipes Bursting in Your Home

By Butler | Feb 17, 2022
flood damage restoration equipment

The winter months bring snow resulting in a severe dip in temperatures. In some places, the temperatures go below the freezing point. It would be best to start preparing for the long winter months by taking steps to keep the pipes from bursting this winter. Burst pipes aren’t only frustrating but also expensive to fix.…

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How Does the Process of Water Damage Restoration Work?

By Butler | Jan 17, 2022
flooded living room

Here in this post, AquaSafe Restoration will do its best to your answer your most frequent questions. If you have more, don’t hesitate to call us! To avail the water damage cleaning services of AquaSafe Restoration, call us now at (972) 332-8132 and schedule an appointment! My home is flooded! Should I contact my insurer…

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Stuck Inside a Moldy Home? Do This

By Butler | Dec 16, 2021
moldy house walls

Many of us have been confined to our homes recently due to COVID-19. That could have been a positive thing, as we got to spend more time with family members and we completed projects that we never had time to do previously because life was too hectic. But if you were restricted to a home…

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Is Your Family Suffering with Mold Exposure?

By Butler | Nov 17, 2021
damaged walls due to mold

Mold is a kind of fungi that grows both outdoors and indoors. Once mold grows outside, it will act as a decomposer to assist in breaking down organic matter. But once it grows in your home, it will pose a number of health risks to you and your loved ones. You’ll probably discover mold in…

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What Homeowner’s Insurance Covers In Terms of Mold Removal

By Butler | Oct 17, 2021
black mold infestation

Let’s quickly go over what insurance covers and doesn’t cover in terms of mold removal: For effective mold and water damage restoration services, you need a professional company that is willing to address your problems. Call  AquaSafe Restoration right away at (972) 332-8132! What Does Insurance Cover? In general, many policies won’t cover all occurrences…

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