How to Care For your Crawl Space

crawl spaceStanding water easily can accumulate inside a crawl space from several sources, which includes:

  • Pipe breaks
  • High groundwater tables
  • Improperly positioned downspouts and lack of rain gutters
  • Flooding
  • Waste line leaks
  • Sewer drain backups and leak

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Once water damage happens inside a crawl space, it is vital that you get the space cleaned professionally as soon as the damage is found.  Crawl space damage, unfortunately, oftentimes goes undiscovered for a long period of time because folks do not enter their crawl spaces that often.  Even water which was, at first, clean may become stagnant if left alone and lead to health risks and structural damage over time.  Once the source of the water is sewage, the water has bacteria and additional contaminants which eventually will make its way into your home above, which poses severe health risks.

Mold Growth

Besides being vulnerable to water damage, a crawl space is also highly susceptible to mold growth because of being a common location for water damage, as well as having high humidity and moisture levels.  The growth of mold in a crawl space may cause structural issues and pose a severe risk to your loved one’s health.  Even though an expert remediation company may solve your mold issues and get the crawl space cleaned, it is better to always try and prevent the growth of mold in the first place.

  • Ventilation is essential.  An incorrectly ventilated crawl space has excessive humidity, meaning excess moisture, which leads to the growth of mold.
  •  Be aware of your downspouts and gutters.  If rain downspouts and gutters are not properly placed, precipitation might flow right back towards the house and into the crawl space.
  • Consistently check the crawl space for standing water and leaks.  One common reason mold damage happens inside a crawl space is unseen water.  The majority of homeowners seldom have good reason to enter a crawl space; therefore, if they are not routinely checking water damage, it may go unseen for months, which leads to a massive growth of mold.

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