What Are the Different Contaminated Water Categories?

Water damage may be caused by anything from torrential rains to sewage backups and, if not correctly dealt with, it poses substantial risks not just to the property, yet also to your health.

Contaminated Water Categories Yuma

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Kinds of Contaminated Water and Water Damage Categories

One thing to do while facing water damage is determine what type of contamination you are dealing with. Water may be contaminated by oil pollution, agricultural pollution, wastewater and sewage, harmful chemical, radioactive substances, and a variety of other materials, according to the NRDC.

Different kinds of contaminated water pose various risks, yet the longer the water remains in a household, the more serious the property damage it’ll cause and the higher the threat to your well-being.

The impacted space has to be disinfected and cleaned as soon as possible – however, the suitable clean-up processes and required safety protocols will differ depending upon the kind of water damage (of course, mitigating water damage from burst pipes are going to be much different from restoring water damage from hurricanes).

The IICRC defines 3 kinds of water damage based upon the flood water source, the existence of harmful chemicals or additional contaminants in it, as well as the quantity of time it has remained inside the home. Every water damage category has to be dealt with according to its unique restoration and safety requirements.

Category One Water Damage

Category one water is clean water from a broken pipe, leaky faucet, rain, melting snow, etc. Even though it’ll pose no immediate health concerns, category one water does not come without risks.

Category Two Water Damage

Additionally, called sullage or grey water, Category two water contains contaminants which might be harmful to animals and people. The most common Category two water damage sources involve overflowing toilets, malfunctioning appliances like washing machines and dishwashers, as well as sump pump failures.

Category Three Water Damage

Additionally, referred to as black water, Category three water is water from sewage backups, as well as overflowing rivers containing a variety of hazardous sewage, contaminants, and/or toxic debris.

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