7 Ways to Stay Sane While Dealing with Water Damage Restoration

water damage restorationUnfortunately, you’re faced with unexpected water damage; now you must begin the process of restoration to get your house back to pre-disaster condition. It’s vital to know how to deal with the demands and stress of water damage restoration:

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1. Safe space – If you do not want to leave your house during restoration ensure that you have an area that’s having nothing done to it in which it’s possible to escape or welcome friends over without having to be disturbed by the construction process.

2. Seek an alternative space – If the kitchen is being renovated locate another area in your home to do kitchen-associated tasks or find some place else to do those things.

3. Have a strategy – Ensure that you have a restoration process plan. Have all of your reconstruction decisions made. Select new appliances, paint colors, decorations, etc. so that no one is waiting on you to “figure it out” to begin their part of the work; it’ll help the process of restoration go faster.

4. Concentrate on redecorating – Things will happen that you cannot control, things are going to get broken. Get your mind off of those things by concentrating your efforts on redecorating and creating the ideal new space.

5. Keep in mind it’ll all be well worth it – It is alright to complain and be a little annoyed in the process, yet remember that it’ll all be well worth it in the end. The water damage might’ve gotten a lot worse.

6. Avoid adding on to the process of restoration – 15 to 20 percent of jobs go over the budget and lead to additional stress because of renovation “add-ons”.

7. Remain positive – Turn minor hiccups to something fun for your family. If your kitchen can’t be used, have a backyard BBQ or take the family out to your favorite supermarket and choose exotic or fun microwave meals.

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The process of restoration is stressful no matter how ready you think you are. If water damage happens in your house, call AquaSafe Cleaning and Restoration at (972) 332-8132.

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