Do Not Attempt to Clean Up Mold On Your Own

removing molds on wallsDo-it-yourself attempts at mold removal or clean up are very inefficient and may make your circumstances worse.

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The only case where such attempts to remove mold have any possibility of working is when someone recognizes the first indication of mold growth and manages to keep it from developing further. Such a case is very rare as it’s hard to time mold removal just right.

Also, completely eliminating the moisture source promoting mold growth is even more challenging. In the end, virtually all do-it-yourself mold removal attempts prove to be incomplete. These types of solutions are only temporary in nature.

For example, common household cleaning disinfectants and agents aren’t strong enough to get rid of mold spores. Also, it’s a fact with bleach. These types of cleaners are too weak to destroy these irritating mold spores. Instead, they just hinder mold spore development for a brief time period.

Mold inevitably will reappear again unless it’s attacked with a proven cleaning agent administered by a professional mold removal expert.

Of course, the other concern is the health of the building occupants. Some individuals have mild responses to mold, those are mold allergies. Unfortunately, there’s a part of our population, around 25 percent, that are mold sensitized, which means they have adverse responses to any mold exposure and eventually will develop a condition referred to as CIRD (Chronic Inflammatory Response Syndrome). They’re mold sensitized because they possess a genetic predisposition to mold sickness.

Symptoms of Chronic Inflammatory Response Syndrome include:

• Tremors
• Metallic taste
• Vertigo
• Tingling
• Numbness
• Static shocks
• Increased urination
• Excessive thirst
• Temperature regulation or dysregulation problems
• Sweats (particularly night sweats)
• Appetite swings
• Mood swings
• Skin sensitivity
• Disorientation
• Confusion
• Decreased Learning of New Knowledge
• Word Recollection Issues
• Focus/Concentration Issues
• Memory issues
• Morning stiffness
• Joint pain
• Diarrhea
• Abdominal pain
• Shortness of breath
• Cough
• Sinus problems
• Tearing
• Blurred vision
• Red eyes
• Light sensitivity
• Headache
• Ice pick pain
• Unusual pain
• Muscle cramps
• Aches
• Weakness
• Fatigue

For that reason, we recommend contacting an expert to evaluate your mold issue.

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