Is It Mold or is it a Cold?

mold or coldIn the wintertime, being consistently sealed up inside your home also means you’re sealed in with any type of mold which might exist in your house. Damp closets, bathrooms, and basements all can harbor mold and mildew. When you’re inside for the cold months with the windows shut and heat running, your allergy exposure will soar.

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If you experience continuous runny nose, coughing, irritated eyes and throat — those all are indications of a mold allergy. Common heath-associated symptoms from exposure to mold are similar to the flu or common seasonal colds. Symptoms may involve:

• Flu-like symptoms
• Sinus congestion
• Headaches
• Coughing and bronchitis symptoms
• Allergies symptoms

During the holiday season, even your tree might cause mold issues in your house.

Mold spores may grow on pretty much anything, which includes sheetrock, wood, and carpet. It is much easier to keep mold from spreading in your house than it is to experience the continuous health effects later on. Below are some tips to keeping the mold and moisture from appearing:

• Be certain that your gutters are clear, as well as deliver water away from your house.
• Be certain there aren’t any cracks or additional structural damage to the foundation of your home.
• Wet spots or moisture in your bath, basement, or anywhere in your house immediately should be cleaned. If moisture or water keeps returning, look for the source.
• Insulate walls to any areas or rooms that are susceptible to excessive humidity.
• Look at the HVAC unit drip pan for any water. Empty it if needed; do not allow it to sit.
• Evaluate your home’s plumbing. All existing leaks must be fixed.
• Control your basement or lower floor’s level of humidity using a dehumidifier.

The ones who suffer with allergies or asthma, infants, small children, seniors and those experiencing existing health issues are more vulnerable to health issues associated with wintertime mold. Mold allergies even can bring on asthma attacks. If you experience symptoms, visit an allergist for tests that diagnose mold allergies.

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