Steps to Take in the Event of Flood Damage

residential water damageHere are measures to follow if you have experienced flood damage to your property:

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First disconnect your power

Disconnect every digital device and instantly remove all furniture, appliances, and things you’re able to move. The quicker you take all items out of the water, there’s a better chance that you will be able to salvage them. Take away all rugs and underlay mats. You might have the ability to save the carpeting if you have them professionally disinfected and cleaned.

Get rid of all water

There are many ways to remove water. Use buckets, old towels, and brooms to get up as much water as possible. As long as the sewers in your neighborhood are not blocked, it’s possible to pour the water down the drain, or you can pour it on the lawn or other absorbent surface. A dry/wet vac can also be used. Ridding the area of all the water and drying the space is the most critical thing to do to prevent mold from spreading.

Move small objects, rugs, and furniture

Remove all of the furnishings from the impacted space as soon as you can. Take all of your area rugs and bring them outdoors so they can dry.

Dry the impacted space 

Once all the water gets mopped up and eliminated from the carpet through the use of various methods of carpet cleaning, use a dehumidifier and fans to also help dry the space.


After you dry the area, like insulation, wooden beams, drywall, etc., use an effective disinfectant to destroy any bacteria that have made their way in through the bathrooms, sewers, etc.

Stop mold growth 

After you disinfect and permit the space to completely dry, use the disinfectant alongside the impacted space, following the instructions. As soon as you put on a thin layer of disinfectant, allow it to immediately dry. When it’s dry, it’ll form a thin protective coating on mold that might grow and it’ll eliminate spore roots. No matter where it is sprayed, it will prevent any mold from spreading, therefore offering ongoing protection.

Make sure you responsibly discard damaged items. Bring what you can to a recycling center and properly eliminate trash.

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