The Cause of Mold in Homes

black mold on wallMold is a vital part of nature, and helps with the recycling of nutrients in ecosystems and the decomposition of organic matter. Outdoor mold is important, but mold that grows indoors may cause property damage and present health hazards. Molds reproduce through small airborne spores, traveling pretty much anywhere, even inside our homes.

The conditions for mold growth can be found in the majority of homes:

  • moisture
  • enough time to grow
  • darkness
  • warmth
  • a food source (like wood, carpet, and drywall)

 What are Some Common Culprits Causing Mold In Houses?

  • Floods may bring a massive amount of water into your house, which causes serious water damage and the potential for mold growth within 24 to 48 hours. Immediately contacting a professional restoration provider after a disaster is your best opportunity of preventing mold growth and mitigating water damage.
  • An increase in humidity may occur in houses in several ways — continuous rain, humid weather, showering, cooking, etc. To assist in preventing the growth of mold in your house, be certain that your home is ventilated well and keep the humidity under 55%.
  • An insufficient amount of ventilation causes an increase in humidity, and then mold growth, and other types of problems such as indoor pollution. Be certain that you open windows and/or doors when it’s practical and use fans as necessary.
  • Leaky pipes are a common issue in houses and should be immediately repaired. Leaks are oftentimes hidden from view, like inside walls; therefore, be sure that you regularly inspect walls for water stains.
  • In addition, roof leaks are one way for water to find its way into your house and produce mold. If you notice water stains on your ceiling, look for water damage in your attic and have the roof inspected and repaired as soon as you can.
  • Condensation happens once moist, warm air touches cool surfaces. Condensation may be seen on windows, walls, metal pipes, or concrete floors. Decrease condensation by adjusting your home’s humidity.
  • Basements offer the right conditions for mold growth because of  poor ventilation, colder temperatures (promoting condensation), frequent flooding, and water leaks.

Contact Aquasafe Restoration For Mold Removal Services

Mold grows in different unexpected areas inside your home, which makes mold removal more challenging. For professional mold removal, contact Aquasafe Restoration in Yuma, AZ at (972) 332-8132.

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