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How to Protect Your Home or Business Against Flooding?


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The flooding of a business or home is a tragedy no one wants to suffer. Even in the United States where flood mitigation and prediction are very advanced, flood damage happens all too frequently, which amounts to more than $6B worth of damage and contributes to the fatalities of approximately 140 people each year.

That is why it is so important that you consider the probability of flooding for your home or business since even a single inch of indoor water may cause substantial damage. Higher elevation is the only sure-fire method of protecting your home or business from floods. But there are a few smart steps to take to minimize any damage that is caused by flooding, as well as protect against damage caused by appliance leaks and indoor pipes.

Raise Appliances and Electrical Systems 

Whether there is a basement or your building or home is on ground level, this measure applies to you. Be certain that electrical items like wiring, switches, and circuit breakers are raised at least one foot above the ground in order to keep them from getting waterlogged in the event that there is a flood. Perform the same step for expensive appliances such as your furnace and hot water heater. The higher above ground level everything is, the less of a likelihood that they’ll get damaged if there is a flood.

Figure Out How Water Flows Around Your Home or Business

Ideally, your business or home is constructed in such a way that water will be directed away from it by using slopes and grading. However,  that’s not always the case. Next time you experience a storm, look and see how the water flows. It is also possible to use a hose that recreates a stormwater flow. Does the flow run toward the road and into the drainage system? Or does the flow accumulate around the foundation or within a low spot on the property? If the flow does not drain naturally, it might be time to contact the professionals and get advice about steps to redirect the flow of water.

Anchor All Outdoor Equipment

When you raise your appliance and electrical systems indoors, you should also pay close attention to all outdoor appliances. Whether it’s an AC unit or something else—take some time to anchor all equipment outdoors. This won’t just assist in preventing costly equipment from getting swept away in a flash flood, it’ll also assist in protecting your property.

Disaster can hit at any time, and when flood damage occurs, get in touch with Aquasafe Restoration in Yuma, AZ at (928) 750-1670 to help get your home or business back to normal.

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