Top Winter Maintenance Tips to Prevent Pipes Bursting in Your Home

water dehumidifierThe winter months bring snow resulting in a severe dip in temperatures. In some places, the temperatures go below the freezing point. It would be best to start preparing for the long winter months by taking steps to keep the pipes from bursting this winter.

Burst pipes aren’t only frustrating but also expensive to fix. Unfreezing and fixing the burst pipes often costs a lot of money, and a few simple steps will help you avoid this expenditure.

Why Do Water Pipes Freeze and Burst?

When the temperature falls below average, the water inside the pipes freeze. The freezing water then expands and bursts. If left undetected, the water leakage can cause major structural problems to your property.

Top Maintenance Tips to Prevent Pipes Bursts in Winter

Cover the Exposed Water Supply Pipes

All exposed water supply pipes in your home need to get covered. Pipes exposed in the exterior walls, attic, or basement are most susceptible to damage. A simple solution is to cover these pipes to protect them.

Different materials such as foam, newspapers, and fiberglass can get used to cover the exposed pipes and prevent them from bursting.

Insulate Your Home

Insulating your home, especially areas where the water pipes run through, will help prevent pipe bursts. Your home’s attic, basement, and garage areas often don’t get insulated.

When you insulate these areas, the water pipes will remain warm. It is an energy-efficient way to protect the lines from bursting.

Keep the Tap Running

During the winter months, keep the faucet open to drip some water. The flow of water will ensure the pressure is low in the pipes. The low pressure will prevent the pipes from bursting.

Seal Leaks and Cracks

If there are cracks and leaks around your home, you need to get them fixed. You can keep the temperature regular and the cold air out when you set the damages.

Keep the Doors Open

Keep the kitchen and bathroom doors open. When you keep the doors open, the heated air around the home will keep the pipes warm.

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