How Does the Process of Water Damage Restoration Work?

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My home is flooded! Should I contact my insurer first?

No, it’s not necessary. In fact, your insurer would prefer it if you called a water damage restoration contractor to start water clean-up and repair water damage as soon as they can. The faster our team arrives, the more destruction we’re able to prevent, decreasing restoration expenses and protecting your property from more flood damage. You’ll still want to contact the insurance provider to make your claim; however, you shouldn’t wait for the adjuster to get there before you call a professional contractor to repair water damage.

How will the process of water damage restoration work?

Water cleanup or water repair is a multi-stage process. Step one involves removing all standing water from the floors, damp carpet, and additional affected materials. When the water is extracted, dehumidifiers and additional special equipment are used to dry the spaces. It may take several days, depending upon the amount of space and water involved. After the procedure is done, we’ll use thermal imaging cameras and moisture meters (if applicable) to ensure that your property is completely dry. Repairing water damage might also include carpet cleaning, drywall removal, odor control, wood floor repair, mold removal, and air duct cleaning.

How long will water clean-up take?

Complete restoration consists of 2 main stages. The first stage, mitigation, consists of cleaning and drying out belongings and the structure, and then demolition. This stage typically takes no more than three to four days. Phase two, repairs, may range from a couple of days to a few weeks, depending upon the level of damage, as well as the lead time of materials like cabinets, carpeting, or additional flooring materials. Your AquaSafe project manager will work with you and the insurance provider to create a complete timeline for all repairs and mitigation so that your home is back to normal as fast as possible.

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