Water Damage Caused by A Leak in the Air Conditioner

air conditioner maintenanceAs the temperature outdoors increases, you turn down your indoor thermostat. The air conditioner circulates cold air throughout your home, which keeps everyone inside comfortable… until you discover wet walls or hear a drip-drip-drip. Leaking attic units may rapidly soak everything from baseboards to ceilings. You must address repairs to the AC unit, yet you also must immediately care for water damage from an AC leak. Here is a list of the top three reasons why the vents might be dripping water:

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Damaged Drain Pan

An inexpensive product, protecting your house is a plastic, shallow pan which sits underneath the unit. If the unit leaks, the drain pan may catch a small amount. Your air conditioner’s drain pan has an important job by acting as a reservoir in which all excess water from a unit collects. Then, the pan carries the water over to the drain line. If the pan gets damaged, the excessive water will not have the ability to properly drain. Therefore, a $20 to $30 replacement may possibly save you thousands of dollars.

Clogged Drain Line

A condensate drain line has the job of carrying out the moisture generated by evaporator coils. Once the drainpipe gets clogged by sludge, algae, and mold, it will push the water back inside the pan and cause it to overflow from the air conditioning vent. Go outdoors to the condenser unit; the drain line is clogged if it’s overflowing. You also should search for rust on the furnace, as corrosion is another indication of clogged drain lines.

Dirty Air Filter

The most typical cause of issues is the least expensive to prevent. A dirty air filter may cause the air conditioner to freeze because the air is obstructed by dust, dirt, and additional particles. When the unit is switched off, the ice accumulation inside the coils will begin melting and will cause water leaks. Replace all air filters every 3 months. Professionals suggest investing in air filters that have a higher MERV rating since they’ll last longer; however, an $8 filter that is changed each month is better than forgetting.

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