Stuck Inside a Moldy Home? Do This

moldy house wallsMany of us have been confined to our homes recently due to COVID-19. That could have been a positive thing, as we got to spend more time with family members and we completed projects that we never had time to do previously because life was too hectic. But if you were restricted to a home containing toxic mold, it might’ve had a negative impact on your well-being and health. Until things completely go back to “normal” and you have the ability to get professional assistance with mold infestation, it’s important to do what’s possible to create the healthiest area to spend that time.

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Balance Your Humidity

You might want to evaluate if the mold problem is stemming from high humidity levels inside the house. High levels of humidity often can be a cause or contributing factor of mold growth. According to the EPA, you should decrease levels of humidity to 30 to 60 percent inside to prevent and reduce mold. A dehumidifier will assist in reducing the humidity in your house to be less welcoming to mold growth. If you believe your humidity is overly high, and cannot get out of your house now because of your concern for the pandemic, it’s possible to go to Amazon and check out their selection. Just make certain that you buy the right size for your space.

Repair All Leaks

If your mold problem isn’t from high humidity, it’s probably caused by a leak. Is the roof leaking? Do you have plumbing that’s enabling water to escape to a place it should not be? Now’s a great time to do a bit of detective work and locate the source that’s feeding the mold. If you have the ability to repair the problem during the pandemic or at least temporarily repair it until a roof or plumbing repair can be made, it may be a great project to do while waiting to go out in public again.

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